Remember when your email was truly personal?

We all like mail — letters are great! But we rarely feel the same about email.

In 2006, Merlin Mann invented Inbox Zero to help people manage their mountains of email. Thirteen years later, we're still unable to keep up with the amount of email we receive.

Content marketing, where individuals and brands give away “free” content for only the cost of giving your email address, has been a boon for learners on a budget. However, it's lead to our email inboxes becoming increasingly unwieldy. Everyone wants a spot in your personal email, leading to undue stress to keep up.

I‘m building Sifter to help you keep on top of your inbox. Sifter gives you a different place to send all of those marketing subscriptions. It allows you to consume that content on your own terms.

Reserve your inbox today

Sifter is under active development. If you‘d like to be an early adopter and help shape the product, you can reserve your Sifter inbox today.

I‘ll only contact you to invite you for feedback and for access to the limited alpha. If you join Sifter, I‘ll convert your address to your Sifter inbox.

What you get with Sifter

Newsletters to RSS

Read your favorite content from the comfort of your reader.

Email digests

Reduce the flow of the firehose of updates by rolling them into periodic summaries.

Disposable addresses

Get that new e-book with a short-lived email address that you can disable at any time.

Promotional sorting

Route all your promotional email to keep track of discount codes at your favorite stores.

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